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We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help musicians make awesome sounding recordings.
All rates include an engineer.

Recording in Antart studios is a unique experience. The high-ceilinged hall is ideal for recordings live orchestras, without any restriction. The co-existence of musicians and sound engineer in the same hall (as there is no separated control room and booth) is a challenge but also works positively on the group concentration in music.

Mixing in Antart Studios is magical. Due to the space dimensions, the Focal monitor loudspeakers give their best. It is truly phenomenal to hear such a rich sound, being able to work restfully for many hours and at the end to realize that your report is so good that sounds almost the same everywhere.


In very few and exceptional cases we undertake the Mastering …. and certainly only if the recording took place in Antart Studios. Mastering is very specific and demanding process. 

You can send us your demo track and our experienced team will make it... It's so simple.. 
From a single song to a hole album, we can offer you orchestration, recording with top Greek session musicians, mixing and mastering, as also your music cut in vinyls, cd's or digital tracks ready for your fans.

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